A walk through Tokyo

Tokyonight I took a walk through the main streets of Tokyo last night, when it was all lit up, and again today. Very, very cool.

And very American-feeling. For every sushi or noodle place, you can find a McDonald’s or Subway. A ton of the natives speak English, which is very helpful for a tourist such as myself.

McdonaldsI ate some Sushi last night, which was incredible. I kid you not when I say it melted in my mouth. And that was even before I had the beer to go with it.

I slept off the jetlag with one heck of a good sleep. My fear that I was going to turn into Bill Murray in Lost in Translation and not be able to sleep my entire time here was quickly put to bed, literally.

SushiWoke up feeling like a new man. Got outside and discovered that it was a gorgeous day in Tokyo. Temperature in the mid 60s, no humidity, beautiful. I’ll tell you this, the buildings are tall here.

Ate lunch with my pal Vinny  — those of you MLB.TV watchers know who Vinny is — and we changed our cash for Yen at a Citibank and then had a really good lunch at a noodle place.

SkyscraperI must say it was a little challenging trying to explain to the server what we wanted, but the servers here really bear with you until they understand what you’re saying. The noodles were delicious, and were in a soup with some type of meat. I have no clue what I was eating but I do know that it tasted very good.

CrossingstreetWhen we walked back to the hotel, the Japanese business day was in full force. The business attire seems to consist of conservative suits, typically with black sportscoats. Everyone is extremely polite and respectful. While it looks a lot like New York, it is much quieter. Honking horns? What’s that? People abide by the laws here.

Crossing the street is interesting. Nobody j-walks. You wait until the light turns green (that’s the walk signal for pedestrians.) There are no false starts around here.

Sayonara (for now),



Hey, Ian, I have to second TR’s comment on the previous post. I hope you don’t have any rainout/local forecaster posts to deal with over there. Hope you brought a lot of conservative suits.




Make sure that you bring back a toy for FIL & Hi Pootsie!!!!!

Hope you are having fun over there. Nice photo. Where did you get it?

You’re making me hungry ! If you get a chance, try some fugu (puffer fish) or Kobe beef. Yum !

It’s fun to read about your adventures, Ian, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty: do they do Halloween in Japan? (or did you miss it?) 🙂

No halloween in Japan. i missed it. but one of the executives on the trip was kind enough to bring a bag of candy which she shared with our bus on the way from the airport to the hotel. and my three boys have promised to save me some of my favorite halloween candy — Kit Kat.

Hey Jesse, what’s up. This trip isn’t the same without you. I don’t think you could swim at 6 a.m. in Tokyo like you did in San Juan.

Dude – no KitKats in Japan? bummer.

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