Baseball, politics and food for thought

Quite an interesting day, Day 3 here in Tokyo. I had the honor of going with five players to the office of the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe. He is a big baseball fan, they say. The entrance to his office was pretty cool, it had a huge Japanese garden outside.

ScoreboardoftokyThen I got here to the Tokyo Dome and realized that Japanese teams taking batting practice with two batting cages side-by-side. That was weird.

Another quirk here. The bullpens are underneath the stadium so the players out there have to watch the game on TV. The atmosphere is pretty lively. They are doing a lot of very animated chants, not that I could translate them for you. Also, the dugouts are very orderly, amazingly clean, and have two rows of seats.

DugoutI’ve just been trying to soak all of this in as much as I can. The hotel we’re staying at — the Hotel New Otani — has a very nice surrounding area. It’s next to a shopping mall which has some wonderful architecture on the bottom floor.

ThatssushiI had some more awesome Sushi today, I just can’t get enough of it.
Another interesting thing about life here is that people wear oxygen masks when they are sick as a measure to not spread germs. Also, at the hotel, they are not big on people talking on their cellphones.

Hotelgazebo_1Discovered a very cool nightlife district of Tokyo last night called Roppongi. It felt a lot like Times Square and the bar we went to loved American disco songs. Those of us Grease and Saturday Night Fever buffs surely enjoyed it. Good time had by all.

NocellI’m looking forward to reporting on more places in the coming days, including the Imperial Palace. There really aren’t enough hours in the day to see everything that is here. I might come back here for vacation some day so I can really live it up.

If this exhibition against Yomiuri is any indication — a 7-7 tie — there is going to be some stiff competition out here.




Is the sushi there way better than over here? May sound like a stupid question, but when I was in England last year I was blown away by the difference in the chocolate.
The differences that you noted in the Japanese stadiums (compared to here)are interesting – do they do anything else different baseball wise?

I will be arriving there on Sat. from NY. Are tickets available for the game that night, and if so what are they going for. I’ve always wanted to go to the Tokyo Dome.

I wonder if you can buy sushi or tempura at the games like we get hot dogs and burgers over here.

I doubt you saw oxygen masks on those with a cold, just gauze masks to keep from spreading germs.
I bet you had a good time in Roppongi.

I went to a few NPB games in Japan. The fans are really into the game and group cheering. Have you heard the drum beaters yet? The beer girls are pretty interesting too…beats the old guys pouring from cans in the states. they have 3 or 4 types of beer, served from a small keg carried by a young lady.

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